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High-quality fine tweezers, dolphin shape


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High-quality tweezers ideal for precision work. I've used around 10 different designs of tweezers over the past 7 years, and this is by far my favorite one. The grip section extends very far towards the top and is comfortable to use due to the much wider shape than most other tweezers.
The softly rounded tip shape makes for high flexibility in grabbing components and the exact tip shape and finishing allows for precisely grabbing and moving even the tiniest parts.

Examples of use cases in working on Nintendo Gamecube controllers:
• unclipping stick potentiometers (insert diagonally from the top between stickbox and black housing)
• desoldering stick / trigger potentiometers
• replacing stick potentiometers on Goomwave (insert the tip below the black housing to push the potentiometer up after unclipping)
• positioning snapback module wires
• desoldering chip legs for button remapping work

• Vetus MJP-16-11 (matte silver), premium quality (extra hard steel)
• Vetus MSA-18 (matte silver)
• Vetus MCS-18 (glossy, various colors)
• VTS MCS-18 (rainbow)

Vetus MJP-16-11: + good robust case, great for protection when traveling
+ very comfortable to use due to the low amount of 130 gf closing resistance
+ according to the manufacturer, these are made with harder steel that's more durable and won't bend out of shape even after long use

Vetus MSA-18: + good robust case, great for protection when traveling
+ super comfortable to use due to the low amount of 100 gf closing resistance

Vetus MCS-18: + good robust case, great for protection when traveling
+ very comfortable to use due to the low amount of 115-135 gf closing resistance (for reference: on most other tweezers, I measured 140-200 gf closing resistance)
+ many color options
~ the glossy surface attracts fingerprints, grip is still good though

VTS MCS-18: + more affordable to source, thus lower in price
+ matte finishing is more fingerprint-proof than the Vetus counterpart
~ with 180 gf closing resistance, it's still comfortable enough to use and easily sufficient for occasional use
− doesn't feel quite as nice in your hands as the Vetus options
− more basic plastic sheet case that's not so convenient to use

Recommendation: get the VTS if you'll only use the tweezers less than once per week. If you intend to mod controllers frequently or think you'll use them more often than once per week, the Vetus tweezers are worth the extra price.