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K-Deo deodorant cream, Tunisian Opium scent


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Ships from Austria, Europe in my next shipping batch, one every 10 days. Arrives in 2-3 weeks from date of purchase typically.
24.00 Grams

Highly effective deodorant cream that prevents stench rather than just masking it. Contains the antibacterial minerals NaHCO3 (sodium hydrogen carbonate / "baking soda") and ZnO (zinc oxide) in high concentration for maximum body odor prevention.

Scent: Tunisian Opium, sourced from
"One of our best selling Signature Blends. An exotic blend of lush florals, rich spices, and deep wood notes.
· Top Notes: Jasmine
· Middle Notes: Oriental Opium
· Base Notes: Tunisian Patchouli"

Unlike conventional deodorant sprays that usually only contain alcohol as an antibacterial substance (that quickly evaporates within a few minutes) and perfume to mask body odor, this deodorant cream stays in effect throughout the whole day, even when doing sport and sweating a lot.
The deodorant cream is applied by spreading a tiny amount (about 0.1g) evenly on your armpits with your fingers. For a reference, the amount seen in the second product photo is 0.05g and sufficient for one armpit. This amount is enough for most people to not smell at all for 24-48 hours when applying directly after taking a shower.. Using slightly larger amounts can be necessary depending on how much you sweat, but I advise starting with a smaller amount so that you won't use up the jar unnecessarily quickly. (Personally, I even only use roughly half the pictured amount per armpit, so roughly 0.06g per application, which has a 20g jar last for about 333 days, but some customers have told me that they need to use quite a bit more for the effect to be strong enough.)

The only carrier substances are shea butter and coconut oil. The consistency is on the thicker side so that it doesn't run down from sweating as quickly.
For different climates and seasons, I offer four different consistency editions. 18C and 20C are for cold rooms, colder climates and winter and will have ideal consistency at 18-20°C room temperature. 25C is for warm rooms, warm climates and summer and has ideal consistency at 25°C room temperature.

28C is an extra thick consistency that only uses shea butter as carrier oil. No coconut oil is added, however due to using the same mixing pots in the production process, traces of coconut will still be present. Some of my customers prefer 28C – while it takes longer to apply, it will stick to your skin for longer, for a prolonged effect particularly during increased sweating or high temperatures.

For places like Hong Kong or southern USA, 25C and 28C are recommended. Using these editions in rooms that are 20°C or colder will, however, make the process of spreading the deodorant cream evenly take a bit longer (around 20-30 seconds, typically).

For larger orders (40€+), I can make any consistency / size / fragrance combination on request. Otherwise, please choose among what I currently have in stock.

The effectiveness of the deodorant is reduced when wearing synthetic garments on your skin, especially polyester. The structure of this fabric is ideal for certain stench-producing bacteria, so as soon as you sweat enough to make sweat go into the garment, it can still begin to smell despite using the deodorant cream. If you find this to bother you, I recommend wearing base layers of organic fabrics instead.

Also, sweat that is not the product of the body trying to control its temperature, but from mental stress, has a different mix of components that's usually smelly even before it's broken down by bacteria. So if you want to limit your body odour in stressful situations and feel that my deodorant cream doesn't quite do the job there, a good idea to try can be to first apply an antitranspirant roll-on, to limit the amount you sweat, followed by my deodorant cream, to reduce the smell of the remaining smell that's not blocked by the antitranspirant.

Shea butter and coconut oil also have anti-inflammatory properties that can help with the irritation often caused by antitranspirants (also known as antiperspirants), so you might find that the combination of both products helps with both body odour and irritation.

Since there is not that much long-term research about antiperspirants containing aluminum yet, I recommend only opting for the combination if you find K-Deo alone to not work well enough.

For additional information, see the text on my website:

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  • 5
    Great Deodorant

    Posted by Ravindra Prasad on 24-05-13

    I've gotten multiple compliments for the nice smell. You also require less than you expect which is nice for the longevity of the product. Would Recommend ;3

  • 5
    Best deodorant I've ever used

    Posted by Bradley on 23-12-20

    Great scent, easy to apply, and lasts all day. Very affordable even shipping all the way to the USA.

  • 5
    G homme 1/tunisium Opium

    Posted by Ben Rachman on 23-05-25

    Dude you know I love this. 10/10