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Unlisted product or service / mystery gift / tip


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If you want to purchase from me but would like to include products or services that are not listed here yet, and have confirmed through a message or email exchange with me that I'm currently able to provide that, you can put the appropriate quantity of this listing in your cart as a convenient way of sending the additional payment.

As an example, if you want to buy a 5 ml of NLGI class 2 silicone grease from me (for lubricating stickboxes and alleviating mechanical snapback) early, which I will list here at a later point once I have the ideal type of syringe tips here, those will sell for 12€, so you'd put 12 pieces of this listing in your cart and check out, with a note submitted with your order asking for a silicone grease syringe specifically. 

Other items not listed yet available through this listing:
• Snapback modules for Switch Pro controllers: 30€ each, pre-wired with pre-tinned enameled copper wire (example photo, detailed instructions will follow with the proper listing). Drilling and cutting of a rectangle into the back cover required.
• PhobVision 3.5mm 4pin connectors: 2€ each (use pin 3 for signal and pin 4 for ground)

If no order note is provided with this listing, I will send you products of appropriate value that I think match well with the other products you bought or previous purchases you've made.

You can also use this listing to make a tip, if so please inform me of that in an order message.