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Wired power Wiimote


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This Wiimote is equipped with a Gamecube controlller cable that supplies power to it. This way, batteries are no longer required and the Wiimote can be used with any Wii console that has Gamecube controller ports.

Mainly intended for Melee tournament organizers, where the situation of having some Wiis that are not configured for auto-booting Melee is a fairly common issue. For setting up Slippi on console, network configuration always needs to be accessed, so at tournaments that make use of this, having this type of Wiimote is also very convenient, as you won't need to worry about having fresh AA batteries around ever again.

If you are a TO, you are probably very familiar with how annoying Wiimote battery troubles can be. If you are a competitor a spectator, getting one of these as a gift for your local TO can be a great way to show appreciation for their hard labor, as these are sure to make their TO duties a bit easier.

Having a Wiimote with AA batteries permanently inserted always carries the risk of the batteries eventually leaking and damaging the circuit board, or at least creating a big mess that's difficult to clean. So even for home usage, some people might want to use one of these instead.

All of the Wiimotes have been deep-cleaned by me for hygienic reasons (as they were bought as second hand products), which involves full disassembly and washing all the plastic parts in warm water with a brush and dish soap. The GCC cable (from an extension cable) is guided through a hole that I drill into the outer shell and has a cable tie added on the inside for strain relief.

Additionally, by default, the back cover is trimmed so that the sync button can be pressed without needing to take off the cover. Unlike for home usage, at tournaments you typically have one Wiimote for many Wii consoles, so having the sync button more accessible is convenientfor that.

On a select few Wiimotes, instead of trimming part of the back cover, I drilled a small hole and inserted a small spacer that connects to the sync button. This installation method has the advantage that it makes it possible to press the sync button even when using the original silicone case. As this installation method takes more work hours, the price is higher and I only made one piece for now. If demand for this type turns out to be higher than I expect, I will make more of these.


The default cable length is 150-155 cm (5 ft), unless marked to be different.

The Wiimote can still be used with AA batteries, but only if the GCC plug is not connected to a Wii console. If you put in AA batteries and connect the plug to a powered console, you risk damaging your Wiimote, console or both.

Due to the cable having to go through the back cover opening latch, opening the back cover is a bit more difficult than on unmodded Wiimotes. In general, taking off the back cover for these is discouraged as there should never be a need for doing so.

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