12x Kadano GCC anti-snapback capacitor module, no-reset with 10 switches S2d BULK


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This add-on module makes your controller no longer have snapback. With 10 switches to set capacitance, 6 for the horizontal axis and 4 for vertical, you have a lot of fine control.

This listing is for B2B customers who prepare to save some money by assembling and preparing these modules by themselves.

Rather than with the other listing, where the modules already have the 10x switches as well as the cables soldered and stripped and sticky foam tape added, with this listing you receive the 12x brackets (4x3 snapback modules per bracket), 12 switches and a strip of sticky foam tape separately. Cables are not included, you'll need to acquire those through other means.

By default, black switches are included. If you prefer red switches (bigger and more convenient to flip, but take longer to solder on, as the legs need to be bent to the side carefully), please let me know in the order comment.


It usually takes me between 80 and 100 minutes to turn 12 raw modules into 12 pre-wired modules (when working very cleanly, with all flux residue removed thoroughly). Financially, for revision 6, you pay 84€ for 12 raw modules / 144€ for 12 pre-wired modules, so if you are skillful and somewhat fast at soldering, opting for the raw boards can be well-worth it.


I've recorded a video of me turning a 12-bracket into pre-wired boards that you can use as a reference to see what the process is like. Please keep in mind that at the time of me recording this video, I did not have access to gel flux yet, which should be used for an easier time making reliable solder joints. I will record a new video of the process in the coming weeks, but for now, you can find the older video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vd0hEBRluss

Designed for usage in Nintendo Gamecube controllers, but can also be installed to other controllers that use stick potentiometers.

PCB design and original idea by me (Kadano), PCBs produced and partially assembled by factory. Soldering of the 10x switch and the 4 wires (pre-tinned for easy soldering) as well as quality control done by me.

Additional instructions and details (text instructions for preparing raw boards can be found here): https://sites.google.com/view/kadano-s2d