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Wiha PicoFinish PH0/PH1 screwdriver (for GCC trigger / stickbox screws)


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High-quality tripoint screwdriver for Gamecube controllers (and other products that use Philips / + shape screws, like most consumer electronics).

While these are listed by Wiha as being PH head screwdrivers, whereas GCC stickbox & trigger screws are JIS screws, the shape of these Wiha screwdrivers has long been optimized for both PH and JIS. In my experience, particularly the PH1 screwdriver tip fits GCC trigger screws far better than even dedicated JIS J1 screwdrivers I've tried. So these Wiha screwdrivers are highly recommended to anyone who works on Gamecube controllers regularly.

The bottom rotates, allowing for very fast use. Every screwdriver is magnetized so that it can pick up screws well.
The handle is of soft rubber, providing excellent grip. The base is quite thin, allowing for speedy loosening of the screw once you've overcome the initial tightening.

Wiha 261P PicoFinish PH0 50mm, Wiha 261P PicoFinish PH1 60mm

• PH0 for stickbox screws only, shouldn't be used for trigger screws as it will strip them easily¹
• PH1 for trigger screws only, cannot be used for stickbox screws as the tip is too large to fit
+ smaller diameter grip section allows you to turn the screws much faster
+ top quality, made in Germany
+ very comfortable shape and material, personally I much prefer the Wiha PicoFinish design over Wera Kraftform

¹can be used for trigger screws in a pinch, but you need to press the screwdriver against the screw very strongly to prevent it from slipping