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DH1H1 magnets for PhobGCC plus optional mounts

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These DH1H1 magnets are the most commonly used "known good" tried and tested magnets for PhobGCC. Their magnetization is strong and lasting.

For PhobGCC installation, these magnets should always be glued to the magnet mounts, and the magnet mounts should be glued to the stickbox pegs. The stickbox pegs, in turn, need to be completely cleaned from grease. I recommend using Q-tips with one side drenched in ethanol or isopropylic alcohol: first rub the drenched side on the peg to dissolve the grease, then rub the dry side to wipe up the dissolved grease.

I recommend adding a small amount of glue (cyanacrylate-based glue like superglue works best for this application) into the slit that slides onto the peg first. Only use a little bit, ideally apply a small droplet with a toothpick and spread it to the whole surface evenly, then quickly insert the magnet into the slot (long-nose pliers work well for pressing it in all the way) / push the mount onto the stickbox peg.

Due to production variation, some magnet mounts won't stick to the pegs well immediately. In this case, it's best to keep them pressed to the stickbox pegs for about 20-30 seconds after the super glue was spread along the slit.

The shape used is the official design from the PhobGCC guide, which can be found here:

Material used: 3201 PA-F nylon from JLCPCB

If you are only ordering PhobGCC mounts, especially when located in the US, ordering them from JLCPCB is usually the better choice and it only really makes sense to buy them from me if you are buying other items as well or need them quickly.
Outside of the US, however, DH1H1 magnets are almost impossible to buy, so it's quite convenient to buy both from me together.


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    DH1H1 magnets for PhobGCC plus optional mounts

    Posted by Tilink on 23-05-05

    These magnets and mounts are the easiest and cheapest option for very high quality phob 2.0 magnets. The mounts fit perfectly, and they are very well made, you can easely remove the magnets if you need to and there is no friction between the stickbox and the mount that makes the stick very responsive and accurate. The magnets are more reliable and of much higher quality than the regular EU magnets. Very fast shipping to France.