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PhobGCC 2.0 C-stick ribbon cables, 6pin


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These are custom made ribbon cables for connecting the GCC mainboard to the C-stick daughterboard. They are sturdy and very easy to solder. They come pre-stripped, with the stripped ends still kept on the wire ends to protect them from being bent during shipping.

The 6-pin version is made specifically for PhobGCC 2.0, where 6 pins are used for the connection. It's a bit shorter than the 1.X version, as the cable doesn't need to be bent to the side with the 2.0 alignment. Photo album with instructions: [Google Photos]

The 4-pin version (also available in this store) is suitable for all original Gamecube controller mainboards as well as Goomwave and Phob 1.X (for example 1.2.3) mainboards.

For production run 2, I chose shorter stripped ends, which will look cleaner and makes it easier to get the solder joints to look pretty. Flux residue is also easier, as Q-tips or similar cleaning tools won't get stuck between the sharp ends as easily (as the wire end should fully be submerged in the solder joint). The first batch is sold at a discount (it's still completely safe and easy to use, just slightly less optimal).

Material: stranded copper with solid tin layer. Can be bent several times, more robust than stock ribbon cables. PVC enamel.

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  • 5
    5/5, 10/10

    Posted by BroseidonCustoms on 23-06-27

    Kadano never fails to deliver on the quality of his products. I appreciate everything he does so much for the GCC modding community.

  • 5
    Phob Ribbon cables

    Posted by Ethan Pidcock on 23-04-19

    These ribbon cables make soldering the c stick board to the main phob board so easy. Without these you will most likely have to cut/splice/measure wires and apply solder to the tips which takes a lot of time. These are huge time savers and worth the price!